The Sunshine Blogger Award

It has only been two months since I have started blogging and this is my second nomination for an award. I’m so grateful for all the love and support I’m getting from you all. You guys are amazing! Also, I want to inform you all that I will first complete all my pending award tags and then write my original posts, as the college assignments have not left me with much time to write anything new. (Hope you all will understand.) 😊

So, let’s begin!

First of all, I would like to thank Anjali from Chasing The Maximum Life for nominating me for the award. I feel so appreciative of you to think of me for this award. Thank You! Check out her amazing posts by clicking on the link here. 

The Sunshine Blogger Award 

It is an award given to the bloggers by other bloggers who are creative, positive and inspiring. It feels great to be nominated for such an award. Only my friends know how excited I’m for being nominated for such an award. I know I haven’t won an Oscar but still. 😁

Rules of the award

Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog. 

Answer 11 questions given to you. 

Nominate 11 new bloggers and ask them 11 new questions

List the rules and display The Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post. 

Questions from Anjali : 

What’s your goal for the blog?

As of now, I’m blogging just to share my thoughts with the world. Not sure how far I would go with this but trying to create a place for people to come together to find positive and inspiring things. 

Do you have a TV show that you’re binging right now?

The only show I’m binging these days starts from 9 AM and ends at 4 PM and the name of the show is — The Online Class. The classes are keeping me super busy and post classes all my time goes in completing the assignments. So, I’m left with no time to watch any TV show or any movie. 

Are you a night owl or an early bird?

An early bird! Because I love mornings. 😍

What do you do when you are really stressed about something?

Journal! Writing helps me put all my thoughts into one place and makes my mind clear amidst the stressful situations.

If you had never started blogging, how different do you think your life would be?

Ever since I’ve started blogging amazing things have happened to me. And if I had never started blogging I would have missed all these. First, I wouldn’t have met amazing bloggers like you. Second, my thoughts would’ve been limited to me. So, I’m glad I started blogging!

If the story of your blog were to be turned into a movie, who would be cast as you?

I, me & myself!! 😜

Tell me about some of your blog struggles. 

  1. Consistency (trying really hard to post content consistently but finding time along with classes & assignments is a bit difficult)
  2. Being active on social media

These are the two things I’m struggling with right now. 

Money or Free time? Why?

It’s Time! I can make money if I have time but can never buy time. 

If you had to give a title to the current chapter of your life based on a movie, what would it be?

Chapter 23: Transformation

What type of blog do you prefer the most?

Lifestyle, Wellness & Travel blogs are my favorite. 

Give a shoutout to three of your favorite bloggers. 

Brittany from Mind.Beauty.Simplicity

Amy from Delicate and Brutal

Saniya from Believe in Yourself

(No offense to other bloggers, all of you are amazing! I’ve interacted with them more and loved connecting with them, so…)

Nominees :

I’m not nominating anyone for this award. All the bloggers deserve appreciation and support. So, if you’re reading my post consider yourself nominated. 

Questions :

Anjali has asked some really good questions. If you want, you can answer any of these questions in the comments below. I would love to know your answers. 

You can follow me on my socials by clicking the links below. 



  1. Shreya you are amazing! I love reading your answers 😊 Thank you for thinking of me when you were writing this post! You are such a kind lovely person whose spirit shines bright 😊💕 A true reflection of the sunshine blog award 🌞🌻

    Liked by 2 people

  2. लगाओ फोटो कहे मिठाई
    खाए नही देखे यहा
    जितनी थी उतनी रहेगी
    चिंता ना करो आप वहाँ।।

    नज़रो देखे मिले अवार्ड आपको
    दिल खुश हो सबका यहा
    देखे मिठाई खाए नज़रे
    मिटे दिल की प्यास यहा।।

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yaay! So so happy for you . Congratulations on the Award. You deserve this. Keep blogging and keep shining always and yeaah college assignments are really irritating. I totally understand it😭🙆. Anyways take care and have a lovely week ahead😊♥️🤗❤️🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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