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Do you like who you are? Do you accept what you are? 

Accepting yourself for who and what you are, can be difficult for many of us, especially when you compare yourself with others. 

Don’t you think your life would be so liberating if you completely accept yourself and your vulnerabilities?

Yes indeed!

Self-acceptance is to be fully aware of your strengths and weaknesses. It’s about appreciating your talents, your capabilities and your worth. It is the feeling of satisfaction with yourself, despite your flaws and regardless of past choices.

“When we accept ourselves for what we are, we decrease our hunger for power or the acceptance of others because our self-intimacy reinforces our inner sense of security. We are no longer preoccupied with being powerful or popular. We no longer fear criticism because we accept the reality of our human limitations. Once integrated, we are less often plagued with the desire to please others because simply being true to ourselves brings lasting peace. We are grateful for life and we deeply appreciate and love ourselves.”

– Brennan Manning

When you’re accepting yourself, you’re embracing all the facets of life — the positive as well as the negative ones. Self-acceptance is necessary for good mental health. It could be the key to a happier life.

“So we scramble to fill ourselves—our time, our body, our mind. We might buy something new or lose ourselves in mindless small talk. As soon as we have a gap, we go online to check our email, we turn on music, we get a snack, watch television—anything to help us bury the feelings of vulnerability and deficiency lurking in our psyche.”

– Tara Brach

If you are oblivious to what other people think about you — self-acceptance is probably irrelevant. But for many, it’s a struggle. They consistently doubt themselves and negative thoughts get settled in their minds.

The journey to self-acceptance takes extensive work and considerable dedication. It is something that’s not going to happen overnight. 

“You’re already stuck with yourself for a lifetime. Why not improve this relationship?”

–Vironika Tugaleva


be kind & patient to yourself and accept your flaws

surround yourself with goodness

let go of the ideal, accept imperfections

believe in yourself


No matter what, don’t give up on yourself. 

That’s me 😁

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  1. I used to dislike myself because I was too shy and I didn’t like socialising. But now that I’ve had a few extra years behind me, I’ve grown to accept this as who I am, and I no longer let it define me. Great post and thanks for sharing!

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  2. This is good Shreya. I agree that accepting ourselves on the whole and feeling we are enough is important. This is especially true of the things we can’t change. But all of us have parts that we are less smitten with and can change and perhaps have goals to do so. (Now my thoughts are rambling.) I wonder if we are accepting of the things we have goals to change. Or do we acknowledge this is an area that is who we are now and we are working towards changing. I don’t know. Again, these are just my thoughts after reading your post.

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    • I agree with you that we all have parts that we are less happy with. I think they too deserve some acknowledgement, because those act as motivators for us to become better versions of ourselves.

      There are things that we can never change, and we mostly worry about such things & get upset. Those are the areas we actually, truly need to accept as they are, because they are uncontrollable. What we can’t control is what we can never change. So, what options are we left with (to a happier life)? Acceptance!

      I don’t know, but that’s what I think. 🙂

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  3. Woww

    कोन जाने कल किसने देखा
    जो उठे देखे वही
    आज आपने बहुत अच्छा लिखा
    कोई तो उठेगा कभी।।

    कोशिश हम करते नित्य
    त्यागे मद्य को यहा
    रात सोचे सुबह भूले
    पर त्याग ना सके यहा।।

    आज कसम से अच्छा लिखा
    खुद पर सोचना पड़ा हमे
    हम नशे में भरे हुए थे
    कोशिश आज से त्यागे इसे।।


    Who knows tomorrow?
    The one who woke up
    You wrote very well today
    Someone will rise sometime.

    We try always
    Leave the wine here
    Forget night think
    But could not give up here.

    Swear today well written
    We had to think on myself
    We were drunk
    Try it and leave it today.

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  4. Self-acceptance can definitely be a struggle, especially if you think that you are all alone. If everyone around you is intolerant, being open about who or what you are can be extremely difficult. Sometimes we need to take a look at our environment and who surrounds us, and perhaps change that environment.

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