Things that make me HAPPY

Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

“The art of being happy lies in the power of extracting happiness from common things.”

— Henry Ward Beecher

We are always in search of happiness. It can easily be attained by appreciating the simplest things in life. It is the common things that bring us true happiness. 

Here are some of the simple things that make me happy. 

(P.S. – Some stuff might seem a little weird)

Watching the sunrise is pure bliss. – The beauty of mornings is divine. I love to listen to the birds chirping in the morning and the rising sun.

A cup of Coffee or Tea. – My day always starts with a cup of tea or coffee. I love drinking tea made by my mom and coffee made by my brother.

Watching it rain and the smell after it rains. – Just wow!! Sitting in a room, watching the rain from a window and dreaming is a feeling that cannot be described in words. And once it stops raining, the smell after that is just amazing. 

Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay

Spending time with family and having light hearted conversations are the petty moments that I cherish the most.

Puppies and dogs. – Though I don’t have one but I’ll surely adopt a dog some time in the future. So, I just watch their videos on Instagram for now. They are so cute and the best part is that they love you back thousand times more than you do.

Walking in nature and sitting under the trees.

Reading. – A good book + coffee + music = Happy me!

Fridays. – I don’t know why but I love Fridays. Not because the weekend starts from that day but just like that. I really have no reason to like Fridays more than any other day of the week. (But this doesn’t mean I’m sad on other days.)

Talking to friends. – I can talk and gossip for hours with them.

Staying in bed doing nothing. – This is one of my favorite things to do and it makes me really happy. I’m the happiest person when I’m doing nothing.

Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S. – I’ve already watched the whole series at least five times yet I manage to watch two or three episodes daily, even if I’m loaded with work.

The day I shampoo my hair. (I have no words to explain this!)

Popping Bubble wrap. – So satisfying!

Music. – Listening to good music is a must for me!

Sleep. – I aim to sleep for at least 8 hours each day.

And…. This notification just made my day! Thank you so much everyone. ❤

Thank you!

Also, I would like to thank Top Tamil Talk for tagging me in Small Joys Tags. I’ve done it in a slightly different way (without any rules or something like that). I hope you don’t mind that. 🤗
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I would love to know what simple things make you happy. Add yours in the comments below. 😊

Thank you for reading! ^_^



  1. Wowww… Small, simple things also give us loads of joy in life… Nice to see your happy times dear… Many matches with mine too ❤️❤️❤️ congrats for the likes🥳, many more to come…keep blogging 😃❤️

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  2. Congratulations for that notification bell that made your efforts count🤗🤗
    And many things found common 😍😍and that… Staying in bed and doing nothing 😍😍is really one of the best thing😉😉😉i can feel that😉
    Stay blessed
    Keep rocking 😍

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  3. Watching the sunrise is pure bliss
    A cup of Coffee
    Watching it rain and the smell after it rains.
    Spending time with family
    Walking in nature

    always find time for the things that makes u feel happy to be alive

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  4. Coffee/tea and a good book on a rainy day… that is divine.

    Congrats on 1000 likes and the 200+ followers on to the next milestone.


    PS WordPress notifications on milestones that I didn’t even know it was keeping also make me smile

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  5. Thanks for answering my questions! Loved your answers ❤️

    I see that you a coffee/tea lover. I have been drinking my mom’s tea for like 15 years lol so it’s nice to see someone who has a similar joy!

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  6. I love to look at the stars and planets early in the morning then take in a beautiful sunrise. Sometimes I drive to the beach to watch the sun come up over the ocean.
    I also love the smell in the air just before it rains as well as after a nice downpour.
    Congratulations on 1000 likes 👍🏻. Stay safe.

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  7. Watching F.R.I.E.N.DS , music, and spending time with family are definitely some things that give me joys. I loved reading your list of small joys. Also Congratulations on the lovely milestone. Keep blogging and cheers to more😍☺️🤗

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  8. Congratulations on the tag and 1000 likes!

    The smell after rain is just wow, popping the bubble wrap everybody’s favorite, and spending time with family is also a thing to cherish, it’s always fun.

    Reading your blog always makes us happy!

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  9. Reading this put a smile on my face. Popping bubble wrap is my most favorite thing. A year ago this happened at my workplace… – someone left a bubble wrap at their desk genuinely for wrapping something fragile, when I passed by I picked it up and started popping them all the way until the last one. 🙂 Later they found out it made me happy and left a couple of bubble wraps on my desk. That made my day!!. May sound silly but that makes me really happy..
    I can’t agree more with all these that you mentioned.
    Coffee + good book + some quite time = happy me And I would call it a perfect day.
    Thanks for this post. Loved reading it with a smile 🙂

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