Let’s talk Productivity

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Productivity is something which most people struggle with. As the saying goes, “it’s not the number of hours you put into work, but the amount of work you put in those hours.” The key is to work smarter, not harder. 

Productivity doesn’t mean checking off the items on your to-do list. But to complete those tasks in a way that moves you closer to accomplishing your goals, in a manner that it creates a balance and brings ease into your life. 

The following tips will help you be more productive, every day, week and month. 

Plan in advance: 

Make a to-do list the night before or before starting your day. It’s a great productivity tool of all times. They help you get organised and focused. Creating a to-do list will give you a head start in the morning, as your day is already well planned. 


If you are a multi-tasker, you’re probably putting your productivity at stake. Our brain is not wired to do two things simultaneously, in fact it reduces our productivity by 40%. This is because, when you are juggling between multiple tasks, it limits your focus and causes mental fatigue. So, to boost your productivity, try to stick to a single task at a time. 

Eliminate distractions: 

Distractions are everywhere, especially online. If you work from your computer, you will be lured to check your social media, watch videos and surf the internet. Turn off the notifications on your computer and phone, limit your time on social media. Also, keep your phone on silent mode while working so that constant updates won’t distract you. 

Take Breaks:

This may seem counterintuitive to you, but taking short breaks between work boosts concentration, creativity and the memory. Working continuously for long stretches of time leads to stress and exhaustion. So, to maximize your efficiency you need to take frequent, short breaks to refresh your mind.

Reward yourself:

To perk things up, rewarding yourself is the best thing to do. Whatever you do, tie it with a nice reward. This gives you something positive to look forward to, besides the relief of completing the tasks. 

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  1. बहुत अच्छा लिखा आपने

    आराम दिखाए सदा यहा
    खुद को महसूस कराए सदा
    मानव शरीर अलग, अंदर अलग
    अनुभूति उसकी कराए सदा।।

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  2. Great post Shreya! “Productivity doesn’t mean checking off the items on your to-do list. But to complete those tasks in a way that moves you closer to accomplishing your goals, in a manner that it creates a balance and brings ease into your life.” I never thought about productivity in this way but it really resonates with me 😊💕

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  3. Nice, helpful tips and post. A lot among us think that productivity is just checking off the to-do list for the day.
    But merely checking off the to-do list for the day and not doing it properly will hamper the next day’s productivity. Many of us are aware of this thought, but still tend to win the rat race at workplace!

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  4. Hello ! I’m a new subscriber! Love the post. I agree with all of the tips. But I must say that it is hard to refrain from getting distracted by the shininess of social media. What do you suggest that we do to work harder & not use social media so much?

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  5. Great tips! I have to do better with taking breaks. I always try to just get a project done so I can relax but sitting down for hours at a time isn’t good for the body or the brain. I have to remember to rest.
    “Better is a handful of rest than two handfuls of hard work and chasing after the wind.” – Ecclesiastes 4:6

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    • I know, at times it becomes difficult to take a break especially if you’re working on something important or something that’s really urgent to finish up, but that hampers the quality of the work being done.
      So, yea, a short break is affordable to maintain that quality. ☺️


  6. Good tips. I think it’s so true that multi tasking can be bad. I’m easily distracted by emails. Sometimes I just need to log out of outlook and concentrate!

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