Monthly Favorites – October

Well, hello November!! 

Can’t believe we’re just two months away to say goodbye to 2020. I hope it takes away all the negativity it brought with it. October has been a busy month for me. It mostly revolved around my classes and loads of assignments. While juggling between classes and assignments, I anyhow found some time for myself too. Here are a few things that I loved in the month of October. 


Emily in Paris 

The series was released at the start of October on Netflix. It’s a comedy-drama which is so fun to watch! I loved all the characters, especially Emily (Lily Collins), around whom the series revolves. It’s a light-hearted series with as many stereotypes as possible. The second season of the series is yet to be released.


“YOU” is a psychological thriller, which was released in 2018 and is available on Netflix. The show is based on a book of the same name. It has two seasons and the third season will be released in 2021. The first season was awesome. I loved it. The second season was also good but a little lesser than the first one. I really wanna watch and can’t wait to see what happens in the next season. 


Happiness by Little Mix

…“I was searching for happiness; I was using you to fill up my loneliness; Realized from the moment I set you free; I found the love, I found the love in me….” OMG! I’ve been loving this song since the day it got released. It’s always ‘Happiness’ for me when I listen to this song.

Bad Liar by Imagine Dragons

This song was released approximately 2 years ago, but I heard it only recently, when my brother was playing this song. Oh, I loved this and till now I’ve heard it for more than a thousand times now.


“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
— Helen Keller


Kane and Abel by Jeffrey Archer — Brought together by fate, it is a story of two men born on the same day in two opposite sides of the world. Kane, who is wealthy & powerful and Abel, who is a penniless Polish immigrant. This book is about how they meet and influence each other’s lives. I have read only the first part of the book and I’m in love with the work of Jeffrey Archer. It’s captivating to read this book.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post✨✨

    Loved the quote! The song “happiness” by Little mix sounds great. Will definitely check out the book —it sounds very interesting xx

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  2. I keep hearing about Emily in Paris, then for some reason it popped up on my Netflix under “continue watching” even though I have never watched an episode. LOL I think it’s a sign that I should.

    Liked by 3 people

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