Embracing Change

Photo by Taya Iv on Unsplash

“Change is the only constant in life.” – Heraclitus

We are creatures of habit. We feel comfortable and secure in doing things the way we have always done them. 

People often become so obsessed with the expectations of life that they start to feel disappointed or quickly give up when things don’t go exquisitely. And let’s face it — life never goes as planned! The year 2020 is the greatest example of it. The year has taught us why it is important for all of us to cultivate the ability to embrace change.

While it’s certainly helpful to set goals and make plans, fixating too much on the end result means missing out on opportunities for personal development, growth, and even having a little fun along the way. 

Although it’s impossible to predict the future but understanding what to expect will give you a better idea of how to manage the uncertainties that come along with those changes. 

Having the right perspective, embracing change becomes easier. 

Change has three key benefits. It drives you to:

  1. Learn new things
  2. Master new skills
  3. Become wiser, fearless, adaptive, and positive

How my life has changed 

In the past five years, 

  • My taste in music has changed
  • The way I dress now is a lot different from how I used to dress earlier
  • My hobbies have changed significantly over the time
  • Started Journaling (…religiously!)
  • Completed my graduation and post-graduation
  • Developed interest in writing
  • Started my blog
  • Made a lot of friends
  • Moved to another city for my masters

How has your life changed in the past few years? 

Remember: Change is hard but inevitable. 

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  1. Embracing a little change also is a tough job. But changes are inevitable and so we should embrace it (Guess i have quoted this phrase in my insta page). Nice set of points at the last.
    For me, yes a lot has changed over the few years, i have switched job roles, started my own business and started to Blog which was the best change ever! Thanks for sharing 😊

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Change is very important to keep up with the times. In the last few years, I have tried to understand myself and my life purpose and I have found that life seems hard, but it can be simplified with the help of some changes. Last year I completed my school life.Responsibilities begin to increase over time. And I was forgetting my purpose by giving more importance to my studies, but with the help of some changes I created an Instagram page to keep my interest. And I’ve started writing again because I love it too.🥰❤️ And I believe that in order to live a happy life, we must keep making changes.

    In the end the points you wrote were very amazing to explain the changes of the last years of your life 😍👏👏👌 I loved reading it.
    Thanks for sharing 😊☺️🙏🙏
    Keep writing, happy blogging 😊✨

    Stay happy, stay healthy, stay safe ☺️❤️👍

    Liked by 3 people

    • Passing out from school is the biggest transition for one’s life. I’m glad you made those changes and started writing again. 🥰🥳

      Thank you so much for appreciating my post. 🤗

      Stay safe you too! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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